Telling yourself from the window

Among the ideas that blossomed in the weeks we were closed in our. Homes watching the world from the window and that we told you about in our blog, we found another very interesting one. This is the project called “from the window” born, as it is told in the. Presentation of the site , to give light to all our windows, building a palace of stories. It is precisely the stories that are at the center of this initiative, told by people who. Could be our neighbors whom we see, in fact, from the window and who tell us an excerpt of their daily life.

So olimpia looks out and tells us how during the lockdown. She lost her beloved dog lou, then elisabetta who lacks contact with those who like her are passionate about art and cannot be satisfied. With seeing her through a computer screen, adriano. Who remembers the strange feeling of freedom felt.


Editorial but Also Cultural and Existential

When she went out for the weekly shopping that philippines photo editor turned from routine into a kind of adventure, salvatore who tells us how salvation can come from music, gemma who remembers with nostalgia sunday lunches. Crowded with family members, of chatter and good things. Each of these stories was then entrusted to the talent of various. Illustrators clearly, enrico focarelli barone, orma vaga, alessandra loreti, cristina damiani, denny saurio, fato. Male, francesca lazzaroni, francesco agresti, giulia cabrino, giuseppina russo, hello hikimi, luigi leuce, paolo mazzini, pietro barone, riccardo guasco, serena. Gianoli, silvia reginato, silvia bettini who with their different styles have managed to visualize the individual stories just like glimpses seen from a window. Thus, one window next to the other, one window above the other, the building took shape.

philippines photo editor

Times of Distance Learning

And who knows that it will also come to life, perhaps USB Directory in book form as had already happened to the “postcards from quarantine” project . Continue to follow us to find out more, perhaps looking at us right from the window. In these days, the stampa alternativa publishing house has put the historic millelire series. Online for free download, the brochures that since 1989 and throughout the nineties had been a real publishing case. With over 20 million copies sold now the catalog of this historic series is available on this site . From a graphic point of view, these small brochures were immediately. Identified thanks to a very strong and refined taste, very inspired by musical fanzines and avantgarde graphic research a taste. And coherence that earned the series the “compasso doro in 1994.

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