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Capture page this landing page format is designed to capture contact data such as name. Email. And phone number of potential customers. It usually provides some user-related material. Such as an ebook or webinar registration. To access this material. Visitors need to complete the information requested in the form. Below. You can see another example of a landing page that we use at hotmart to provide rich content to our blog readers: capture landing page example to be confirmed page you know when you sign up for a new service such as an online platform or social media network). You will be taken to a page asking you to go to your inbox and click the confirmation message to complete the registration?

That’s exactly what the pending confirmation page does: informing users of the next steps they need to take to complete registration or earn rewards. It is important to present the information on this page as simply as possible so that users do not feel lost. Sales pages as the name suggests. Sales pages are designed to offer a product or service. In order to convince the visitor to complete the purchase. It must list all the benefits of the offer. Very clearly how it solves the user’s pain. Customer testimonials and answers to major questions from the public are also welcome. All these functions are used to guide the user to the payment page where he will complete the purchase.

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Wondering how to create a sales page that converts? So be sure to visit our full post on the topic by clicking here. Thank you pages the final type Hungary phone number of landing page is a thank you page. Also known as a “thank you page”. It is used to complete the conversion. Whether it is done on the sales page or the capture page. To do this. It shows the leadership that the actions performed have been successfully completed and can suggest next steps to take. This step can be reading blog posts on related topics. Downloading other educational materials. Or purchasing other products. In the example below you can see one of our thank you pages. Please note that in addition to thanking visitors for registering and informing them that the material has been sent to the registered email address.

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Thanks landing page example how to create a landing page that actually converts? Now that you know what a landing page is. Its importance and main types. It’s time to learn how to create your own conversion page. Making a landing page that converts is not an easy job. First. You need to define the purpose of the page and plan your content well. To help you with this task. Create a checklist with the main steps required to create a landing page that converts. Bring it on? Create content after defining the purpose of your landing page. The next step is to create the content itself. Such as headlines. Text. And images. This step requires great care as all these elements will be responsible for informing visitors of your offer and convincing them to inform them of their personal data.

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Titles and subtitles: they should be eye-catching and arouse the reader’s curiosity. In the title. Describe what the visitor will get by signing up. In the subtitle. Provide additional information that will help persuade users to sign up. Text: in the text. Try to describe your offer as clearly as possible. Removing any doubts that may arise. Love short sentences and highlight the benefits of your quote. Image: your landing page image needs to reflect and be relevant to your offer. In this sense. Avoid using generic images. Such as those from image galleries. Pay attention to the page design with all the landing page text ready. The next step is to define and build the look and feel of the page.

Like text. Design is a very important element in convincing users to share data. Therefore. Visual elements need to be consistent with your business’s text and logotype. Template: the first thing you need to pay attention to is your landing page template. It needs to adapt to the size of the text. The type of images that will be used. And of course the quotes. Form fields: when defining which fields will appear on your form. Consider the offer. Your role. And the stage of the funnel your visitor is in. Each landing page requires a different number and type of fields. Page logos and images: your landing page visuals and images need to align with your brand identity while also highlighting key messages and calls to action. Configuring the landing page

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