The 5 Most Common Facebook Marketing Objections From

But considering that apple has reported. That the average iphone user unlocks their phone more than 80 times a day, maybe it’s not that surprising. Kuwait Phone Number List We love our mobile devices and we definitely love facebook. So we spend a lot of time on facebook, but does it matter for real estate? Can all those hours spent on facebook really translate into leads and deals? I’ve spent countless hours working with investors across the country and put together five of the most common misconceptions about facebook marketing for real estate investors. Kuwait Phone Number List Here’s what they are and why they’re wrong. Objection #1: “Facebook marketing for real estate investors is too expensive.”

Imagine finding a vending machine and every

Imagine finding a vending machine and every. Time you put $100 into that vending machine, it pays you $500. Kuwait Phone Number How many times would you bet $100? Forever, right? You would do it forever or hire someone to do it for you because you know there is positive feedback. What if the vending machine started charging $300 in exchange for $500? Would you like to continue giving him money? Probably. If the price continued to rise, at some point you might stop – at the latest you would stop at $500 because now you are breaking even. Kuwait Phone Number List Marketing is your vending machine. Offers produced from marketing are the output.

Just like in the example above do you know

Just like in the example above do you know. For your company, the maximum that you. Can pay per lead while remaining profitable? Kuwait Phone Number List If you don’t, find out today! Investor carrot has a fantastic calculator you can use. “dear” is a relative term. You need to know your business in order to set appropriate expectations. If your ideal cost per lead is $200 and it takes 10 leads to close a deal, you may need to spend over $2,000 on marketing to get a deal. Kuwait Phone Number List Too many people start a campaign and give up too soon because they didn’t know their numbers and couldn’t clearly define success metrics.

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