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The author is the first step towards wanting Venezuela Phone Number to get involved in the transaction. The e-commerce platform for information exchange and trust establishment has the following suggestions and conjectures: 1. The more information the information platform provides to buyers and sellers, the better, it must be targeted. In the event that, want to see Venezuela Phone Number customers who are really. In need and have good payment records, and buyers want to see quality suppliers. Not the cheaper the better. A good information platform should reduce the time cost of b company’s procurement and sales. Through such accurate information services. In the event that, information platform is large but not suitable for b buyers.

B Buyers Are Venezuela Phone Number

All professionals, they are always with Venezuela Phone Number their peers, large and comprehensive information. Platform is inefficient and unprofessional for them. A vertical and refined industry information platform should also have a development market. A social platform may transform into a circle of influence for professionals. But becoming a platform Venezuela Phone Number for promoting products and services is not in line with the nature of social networking. The social platform builds contacts, and the author doubts. Whether it can directly transition to business flow. 4. The possible development direction of the social platform. Will be integrated with the customer relationship management system.

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That social tools such as wechat are suitable for Venezuela Phone Number work collaboration. At the same time, you may wish to buy out a cloud crm company to provide enterprises with customer relationship management. Which will stick to enterprise users and should have good development prospects. 5. The trust platform shall Venezuela Phone Number provide professional services such as trust-based assessment, qualification accreditation, technical review, and delivery mutual assessment. This requires not only online big data. But also the intervention and market research of offline industry experts. 6. For the buyer’s supplier management needs. There may be some platforms responsible for process outsourcing to help sellers manage. Lightweight supplier screening and decision-making processes, or interface with buyers’ srm systems.

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