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The author predicts that the final division Panama Phone Number of labor is that coolpad. Is responsible for hardware and upstream supply chain, and 360 is responsible for software, services. Downstream channel providers, and consumers. 360’s ambitions are not just great gods. This morning, zhou hongyi revealed on weibo that 360 will not use dashen. As a brand of Panama Phone Number new mobile phones (the rumored price is about 5,000 yuan), and publicly solicited new mobile phone names. From this point of view, the 360 ​​should be a separate rom. In fact, the focus of 360 is to lay out the intelligent ecology. In the entire ecology, the great god is only a part. However, it takes a certain amount of time and process to solve the relationship. Between the dashen mobile phone and the coolui system.

What Impact the Panama Phone Number?

Layout of 360 have on the Panama Phone Number entire smart ecosystem? 1. The influence of the pattern. 2015 is the first year of the intelligent ecological pattern, and the main players from all walks of life are basically in place, and it is inevitable for 360 to enter the game. Internet companies include baidu, tencent, ali, xiaomi, and 360. Database is an internet Panama Phone Number company according to its own positioning. Meizu is also actively deploying, but its voice is slightly insufficient, and it may become an important force in ali’s layout; hardware companies include lenovo, huawei etc. Haier, gree, midea, etc. Focus on smart homes, and will form alliances with internet companies with system and software r&d capabilities.

Competitive Influence Panama Phone Number

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In 2015, players from all walks of life were Panama Phone Number in the initial stage of staking, and there was no major competition in fact. In the field of mobile phones, huawei, lenovo, and xiaomi have strong capabilities. Baidu, ali, and tencent rely on software drivers. 360 has found a combination of the two, and has both competitive. And differentiated Panama Phone Number advantages with the previous two types. In other aspects, they basically play their own way, explore in different fields, jointly develop partners. Cultivate users, and create an industrial ecology. In addition, will the intelligent ecology of 360 choose to be closed or open? In fact, in the early stage of development, like most players. Based on the closed development of their own systems. The companies that join the ecosystem are basically investment companies.

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