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I eventually wanted to write and go into health, which is why I took my Greece Phone Number List first employee writing job at Well+ good. Screenshot is a lifestyle news site dedicated to there fitness was my main beat which was fun because. I was running around every fitness class I could manage and interviewing top trainers in the industry for articles. After working full time for staff, I Greece Phone Number List decided to try the freelance world and started writing for other health and wellness sites outside of started consulting​​​for content and copywriting, especially for wellness clients.

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Now I love what I do because it combines strategy and my Greece Phone Number List background in public communications and digital marketing so well. Do you think it’s important for freelance writers to choose a specific niche? If so, what are the main benefits of doing this? I think it helps to pick a specific because hopefully that niche is specific to your interests and knowledge. For I’m writing about something I’m interested in and know about at least Greece Phone Number List research more about. Also I think writing on too broad a variety of topics can limit opportunities to become. A writer because people want to see demonstrated interest and experience in a field.

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It really sets you apart even if the field is a bit Greece Phone Number List which can include everything from and relationships. However, the more specific the segment, the better, as you can establish yourself as an expert in the field. How did you choose the field of health and wellness? Health and wellness is a topic I have always been interested in and I want to learn more about individuals. So once I Greece Phone Number List started writing in the industry. I knew it was the right niche because I loved every minute of the process from. Brainstorming topics and article ideas to finding experts and industry professionals Greece Phone Number List to interviewing. I’ve been reading the latest and research in industries I really part of the job doesn’t feel like work to me.

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