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The bosses were so anxious that they UAE Phone Number thought we were on strike. These two things finally brought us two good news, one of which is that there was no need to release it a few years ago. The second is that after more intensive iterations after a year, there is a more perfect circle of friends. So be it. Even so / though, – commercialization UAE Phone Number the commercialization of wechat put into action at the end of 2012. At that time, the scope of discussions was very extensive. Payment, cards and coupons, micro-life, micro-e-commerce, games, etc. Were discussed a lot. This big discussion involved almost all bg and departments in the company. Discussion is divergent, but execution is focused.

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Even so / though, a three-tier structure: the bottom layer is the social platform of wechat. Which gathers a large number of users, which is the UAE Phone Number nutrient for commercialization. The second layer is the open public platform. Which connects all subjects (services and content providers), which is the soil for commercialization. The third layer UAE Phone Number is business, including games, payment services. Advertising, o2o, e-commerce, enterprises, hardware, etc. This is the harvest of commercialization. The commercialization of wechat gradually developed under. Even so / though, framework in the two years since its inception. This framework is very clear, and the logic is relatively simple, nothing special.

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However, big platforms, the execution UAE Phone Number is very different. I think baidu is stronger than technology, alibaba is stronger than business, qq is stronger than operations, and wechat is stronger than products. This will inevitably lead to several major platforms going out of different commercialization. The way. In the commercialization decision of wechat, it always oriented by product demand. Xiaolong and the team discuss any UAE Phone Number commercial project, the theme has always been around the needs of users, strategy, tactics, competition, etc. Will not be the focus. Here comes the problem. Business is noisy, how can you do business without shouting? But wechat is the home of users. And it cannot tolerate hustle and bustle.

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