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The company’s executives still have high Russia Phone Number hopes for this application. However, on the second day of the new year, tony personally came to the southern communication building to cheer the wechat team. Moreover, we can clearly feel that xiaolong has completely turned his attention to this mobile application. At the end of february, harvey suddenly found me and asked me directly: do you want to use wechat as a client? Then he explained: in the past, the wechat team Russia Phone Number was only temporary. If the product cannot be made, it is still necessary to return. To the reading space team and continue to work on it. . At that time, i was very entangled. I just found a feeling in machine learning and data mining. And i was very reluctant to give it up. Harvey asked me to think about it before answering him.

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And i replied to harvey that afternoon: i’ll go. On march 1, 2011, he officially Russia Phone Number joined the wechat team. Became the third development engineer of the ios client, and entered the small black house. At that time, andy from the ios development team gave me two books, “objc basic tutorial” and “ios3.0 development technology Russia Phone Number encyclopedia”, which let me read the second week in one week to participate in the development. Although i’ve never done client-side development, i’ve always found client-side development to be easy, and i’ve been working. On the hardest subject in computer science. Machine learning and data mining – for a while now, and ordinary. Development work is a no-brainer for me.

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Harvey also said to me at the time: client development Russia Phone Number can solve most problems. As long as you search for information online, study it, and discuss it with colleagues. That’s right. I read through the two books in two days, and started to read the code in the next few days. Andy’s code is relatively easy to understand. I drew a flow Russia Phone Number chart in a book for two days and basically figured out most of the bottom layer. On the last day of the first week, i wrote a “hello, world” for ios. From the second week, start with a small requirement and pile up the objc code a little bit. After a week, it’s quite mature. So then i participated in the development of a later important function – the group function.

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