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The electric vehicle industr. which has grown against the trend under the epidemic, become the next trillion-dollar industry in Taiwan? Can the electric vehicle industry, which has grown against the trend under the epidemic. become the next trillion-dollar industry in Taiwan Photo Credit. WebMD Taiwan Smart Mobility Industry Association Taiwan Smart Mobility Industry Association The Taiwan Smart Mobility Industry Association is composed of promoters who care about smart transportation.  And clean energy. The chairman is Wang Jianjian, vice president of the China Economic Research Institute.

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The members include component supply chain manufacturers. South Africa Phone Number Electric scooter manufacturers. However,  electric scooter sellers, and academia. research institutions and other experts in various fields of production. education and research. Looking forward to uniting the forces of the industry. And jointly calling on the government to promote. the electric scooter industry. Subscribe to authors Favorite this article The amount cup of coffee per month. support the birth of good ideas. And enjoy a better reading experience.

Support now What we want you to know is In recent years. countries around the world have been actively developing. the electric locomotive industry.

Similarly, EU countries have made great efforts to ban the sale of fuel vehicles and provide subsidies. South Korea, India, and Southeast Asia have also followed this trend. If Taiwan can seize this wave Opportunity. electric scooters definitely have the opportunity. To become the next trillion-dollar industry in Taiwan. Text: Gao Renshan (Director of the Southern Taiwan Project Office. Taiwan Economic Research Institute) The ravages of COVID-19 have greatly shrunk the global industry. And traditional automobiles and locomotives have not been spared. but electric automobiles have become one of the few industries that have grown against the trend in this wave of decline.

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 The mobile revolution

In conclusion, That makes good use of digital technology has become a global trend. The electrification of transportation vehicles combined with the development of 3C industry and 5G, the two star industries have joined forces, and the future development can be expected.

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