The Importance of Trademark Registration

Today, the Internet is a democratic force and an industry of information dissemination. It is also the ideal place for plagiarism, copyright infringement and slander. In the online environment, it is difficult to fully understand the legal framework and how Croatia WhatsApp Number it works, but not impossible. In the context of an economy focused on digital content. The potential of a business determin  intellectual property over the brand. But also by branding. Due to the fact that industrial property immaterial. Businesses tend not to consider the importance of protecting their constituent elements. And yet, what is the brand and why it important for a business to aware of the importance of its registration?

What Is a Brand?

As well as, distinctive signs, which likely to graphically represented. Which enable the goods in the same category to identifi  and distinguish. To trademarks. These include letters, numbers, words, drawings, names of people. Figurative drawings, three-dimensional shapes of products, packaging. Color combinations, sounds and olfactory marks. Currently. The registration of a trademark is done at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) through an industrial property agency. And can later be done at Google. Registering a trademark with Google gives you absolute control over its use by imposing restrictions.

Why It Important for Your Trademark to Register?

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As mentioned earlier, a trademark is a powerful communication tool. But an unregistered trademark is an incomplete tool. Operating with such tools deficient and exposes the brand to a significant number of risks, such as theft of name, image or product. It is critical for a company to operate with unsafe techniques, strategies and tools, which create confusion about the association between the brand and the products or services at the level of the collective mind. By using an unregistered trademark, the trademark and all content under its umbrella are subject to reproduction, distribution, derivation, publication, sale or transfer.

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