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The internet and mobile internet are Indonesia Phone Number impacting everything. And the media industry is one of the earliest and most impacted industries. The first shock to the media came from search engines. Before google appeared, everyone lived under a different information wall, and your information environment determined. What kind of information Indonesia Phone Number you could access; after google appeared, you can almost find any information you want in a few seconds . At this time, the initiative of reading is more inclined to the hands of the reader. He is no longer restricted by information channels. So he has the right to choose the content of the world. To serve his own preferences. This change is a big shock to print media.

The Content Production Indonesia Phone Number

Of print media is linear and regular. There are clear Indonesia Phone Number settings for the content on the front page. Second page, and eighth page. The emergence of search engines and portal websites has broken this production logic. The ranking of an article Indonesia Phone Number in the search engine and the position on the portal page determine its influence. If the front page article is not selected, the media expects the influence it can have is also dissipated. This change in standards has affected the production of media. Content and gradually spread to the survival of the media. In 2013 and 2014, many excellent print media. Began to feel a sharp decline in advertising revenue.

Social Media Such Indonesia Phone Number

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At this time, as Indonesia Phone Number became popular. The second wave of shocks experienced by the media is social networking sites. In the united states it was facebook, in china it was sina weibo from 2010 to 2013, and after 2014 it was wechat moments. To simplify the description, we only talk about facebook and wechat moments. Which are typical Indonesia Phone Number content distribution engines in the social media era. I wrote three months ago that media content has to be free. Because it is a symbiotic relationship with social networking. To see what friends have eaten and played on facebook and wechat moments. The user’s field of vision is extremely limited. The addition of media content allows people. To understand the small world and the big world at the same time.

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