The Most Frustrating Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

The most frustrating thing is that the Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List price is cheaper than. The two-bedroom one-bedroom in some chinese cities. Charging in this environment is not a problem at all. It doesn’t matter whether it is installing a charging pile or using mains electricity. And in big cities in china, there are not many people. Who can afford to buy villas with. Their own garage parking spaces. The middle class mostly lives in Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List urban apartments. And while they can afford the price of a tesla. They can’t afford a villa with a private parking space. If you buy a tesla and have nowhere to charge it. You can only push it away. Charging becomes a problem for tesla. And the problem of charging is not only a problem of independent parking spaces.

The Standards of Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

Electricity consumption in the united states are different from those in china. Tesla, a car with a large battery capacity, will charge very slowly if it uses Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List mains power, and the loss is practical. Can you run a suburb and wait 16 hours? However, high-speed charging has encountered line problems. The power supply Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List communities are limited in capacity. And high-speed charging requires high voltage and strong current. Which is unbearable and easy to cause fires. As a result, tesla owners have to look for the power supply department and the community property. Buying a car has caused so much trouble. And the consumer experience will not be good.

Since You Charge Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

At home, find a public charging pile. Unfortunately, tesla’s standards Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List and china’s national standards are different. China and germany are working on a set of standards that can be compatible. And tesla in the united states has its own set, and public charging piles cannot be charged. As a result, tesla blocked almost Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List all roads, and the consumer charging experience was terrible. Model design and positioning issues the tesla model s is positioned as a coupe in the united states. A car for young people with a little money. In china, despite tesla’s very kind pricing, the tesla model s has become a luxury car with the addition. Of tariffs and consumption tax and value-added tax.

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