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The most important two points are not done. Users can’t get the money, they think they have been deceived. And they start the complaining Israel Phone Number mode one after another. From participating in this red envelope activity. To thinking about what is wrong, i also learned how to do the activity. 1. Analyze the target, the target needs to be single. The activity form is simple, and the threshold is lowered. 2. Audience users, which are Israel Phone Number audience users and which are non-audience users. Can design the product process in a targeted manner. 3. User pain points, analyze whether the audience user. Pain points are cash or shopping coupons, how to meet them? 4. The form of participation should be simple and interesting. Which not only lowers the threshold for user participation.

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A good emotional experience, and Israel Phone Number destroy the basic functions of the product. 5. Potential risks, after the first four points, what uncontrollable dangers exist in the activity. And whether they can be avoided or prepared for countermeasures. ​the above views are just personal opinions and do not mean to belittle alipay products. I hope alipay will improve Israel Phone Number it quickly. This is still the most common demand classification. In china’s saas enterprise service platform market in 2014. The market size of sales crm enterprises accounted for 31%. For enterprises, sales and expansion of new customers. Are the driving force for their revenue growth. Therefore, enterprises attach great importance to crm. And invest more in the field again, so the market share is relatively high.

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However, a large number of Israel Phone Number manufacturers in this category. Most of the products are launched too early, the interaction design lags behind the requirements of the times, and the mobile terminal is not well supported. Many products do not have enough customers to fortify the product through. A large number of enterprise use inspections. There is still a need for a crm that is simple and easy to use. Fully functional, and supported by native Israel Phone Number mobile applications. Data protection class for many small, medium and micro enterprises, the problem. Is not how to protect data, but the definition of data. In fact, whether it is the documents on the employee’s computer, the pictures uploaded on the website. Or some important account passwords.

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