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The objective laws of society Cyprus Phone Number determine that no matter what. We will all grow old, and young people. Will eventually take over the world. Especially in the entertainment industry! No matter. What era the entertainment industry is in. The core consumers are teenagers. And once people reach the age of 30, they gradually. Fade out of entertainment consumption, officially change to the living state of Cyprus Phone Number middle-aged and elderly people. And quit the ranks of paying for idols. You no longer buy records, watch concerts, or even go to the cinema. Many people’s understanding of the post-90s generation is still stuck on killing matt. Smoky makeup and martian texts. In fact, the post-90s generation has now reached the age. Of parenthood, and has replaced the post-80s generation as the main force of the movie box office.

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One advantage that other post-50s, post-60s. And post-70s do not have. That is, they have Cyprus Phone Number fed wolf milk. In official language, they have not been poisoned by ideology. This is not even comparable to the post-80s generation. At least the post-80s generation subtly accepted many backward ideologies when they were young. For example, learn from lei feng’s hypocrisy Cyprus Phone Number of instigating children to lie; for example, learn from lai ning, wang no. 2 primary school, and liu hulan’s “heroic feats” that violate the child protection law. There is also a deep-rooted collective consciousness. Indifference to individual rights; worship of authority, and easy incited, exploited, etc. So much so that our film values ​​have unknowingly left some dross.

We Believe That Cyprus Phone Number

Cyprus Phone Number

The “great” feat of Cyprus Phone Number exchanging 13 prostitutes for 13 schoolgirls is worthy of praise. And the subject of fantasy can win an oscar. Little do they know that it violates the universal values ​​that human. Beings are created equal and that there is no distinction. Between high and low. There is a joke that can illustrate the Cyprus Phone Number differences between these generations in china, and also highlights the characteristics of the post-90s generation. Elementary school chinese inscriptions fill in the blanks. With related words: betray your organization. Post-60s fill in “i would rather not post-70s fill in “fear so. Post-80s fill in “it’s better”, post-90s fill. In “even if you want”! Are the post-90s a degenerate generation?

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