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The only thing that satisfied ms. Li with this pair Bahamas Phone Number of shoes was the price. After using the coupon, the price of this pair of running shoes was 40 us dollars, or about 249 yuan, while the price of the same model in domestic stores was 899 yuan. Ms. Zhao has the same experience as ms. Li. She complained that the Bahamas Phone Number transformers robot she bought. For her son on a haitao e-commerce platform on double twelve o’clock has not been received until now, and it has been more than two months. The e-commerce platform finally decided to waive ms. Zhao’s logistics fee and tariff of 210 yuan. But the goods are still on the way. Cumbersome return and exchange procedures ms.

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Regretted receiving the goods Bahamas Phone Number from haitao. Even if it was inappropriate, because she once helped a colleague return the goods. On a haitao e-commerce platform and found that she needed to fill in a very long form in english. Forms and courier fees have to be paid by themselves, so i decided to give up directly. Ms. Li said that Bahamas Phone Number compared with the domestic e-commerce 7 days no reason to return the goods, the return and exchange process of the haitao e-commerce platform is simply heaven and earth. However, ms. Li also pointed out that many online shopping e-commerce platforms. Are now slowly improving the shopping experience, including after-sales service. Most notably the direct mail service.

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Many overseas shopping products Bahamas Phone Number transshipped overseas and the procedures for returning and replacing the goods were more troublesome. Now many overseas online shopping platforms provide direct mail service, which is relatively simple and clear. Capital is enthusiastic about the prospect of overseas shopping although the Bahamas Phone Number boom of overseas e-commerce is on the decline, various capitals still believe that this is a good business. The cross-border e-commerce company yangquan just completed a $100 million financing last month, and miya baby also completed a $60 million financing at the end of last year. Alibaba, amazon china and are all increasing their investments in overseas online shopping.

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