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The original traditional media income Bulgaria Phone Number distribution method must be broken. Some more pessimistic possibilities in addition to the standard departments of administration, finance, law. And logistics that a standard modern enterprise. Should have other departments with chinese characteristics are not listed. The main Bulgaria Phone Number core of a media organization is composed of three systems, namely, the content production department, the business advertising department, and the technical support department. And these three departments have formed their own. Unique cultures in the long-term evolution process. Before i explain in detail why there is a more pessimistic possibility. Let’s first understand the organizational structure. Of these three important departments of traditional media.

Because Tragedies Are Bulgaria Phone Number

Often caused by organizational structures. The culture of order division of labor in technical support departments the technical support department is the weakest department in the traditional media department. It has long been responsible for technical support and service guarantee. Even in the era when the internet Bulgaria Phone Number companies are popular. And geeks who want to change the world are full of dreams in fact, the status and positioning of the department have not changed fundamentally. And due to the natural rationality and logic drive of engineers and programmers. As well as sloppy remuneration and occasional private work. They are more inclined Bulgaria Phone Number to maintain order and a reasonable division of labor in a low-key manner.

Some Science and Bulgaria Phone Number

Bulgaria Phone Number

Engineering men are not good at and do not like Bulgaria Phone Number offline. Social networking is also one of the reasons for this situation. The semi-military management of the advertising department belongs. To the second-order department in the traditional media department. They undertake business indicators. And enjoy rewards after Bulgaria Phone Number working hard to complete the indicators. Basically, as long as they work hard, they can earn more. Therefore, this team generally adopts a semi-military management method. The department issues clear business instructions, and the executive unit strives. To complete the tasks in its own field and then receives the reward. Of course, there will be occasional business grabs.

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