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The other is the news recently disclosed by 360 people to the “first financial daily. 360 has related teams stationed in shenzhen on a large scale, working Oman Phone Number together with the coolpad team. The guess team might be the rom software team. A while ago, tencent announced in a low-key manner that it entered the rom market for the third time. Among the five major players in the internet table, ali, baidu, tencent. And xiaomi have already Oman Phone Number made arrangements, and now there only 360 players left. Do you think the rumors are prophecies? 1. If there is a market, ability, and demands, 360 can start 1. There is market space for development. First, there are market gaps in the red sea. Xiaomi miui and huawei emui are in the leading position in terms of user scale and user experience.

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By analysys international on january 22 shows Oman Phone Number that the ranking. Of mobile phone brand flashing activities in 2013-2014 , xiaomi and huawei are both in the top5, and the growth rate is fast. It can be seen that the roms of the two do not fully meet the needs of existing users. The second is the large blue ocean market. In the Oman Phone Number second half of 2013, tencent conducted a large-scale android flashing market survey. The data showed that 32% of the people had flashed the device. And the potential market is still very large. Smart hardware, especially smart home, is the next outlet. And will be an important application of rom. 2. Ability to reserve and develop. 360, which started with software. Has accumulated profound. Experience in a series of products such as mobile phone security, desktop, cloud disk, etc.

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Even so / though, and development Oman Phone Number ability of mobile phone software. According to the 360 ​​financial report, as of september 2014. The cumulative number of smartphone users of 360 mobile. Guard reached 673 million, maintaining an absolute leading position in china for five consecutive years. This is a prime Oman Phone Number example of its software capabilities and user experience. 360’s main concept of security deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The development of rom can form a product matrix and enhance the excellence; packaging the rom with the same concept can spread quickly. In addition, in the dashen mobile phone team, which has recently become a shareholder. There is no shortage of talents and abilities to develop coolui based. On android, which can integrated to a certain extent.

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