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The second is super team execution. The first point has Tunisia Phone Number been said a lot in the previous articles on reading space. I mainly talk about the second point. The whole r&d process of moments took 4 months. And no more than ten manpower was invested. However, in this short period of 4 months. The team completed Tunisia Phone Number more than 30 complete versions. Development iteration, we vividly call this development process the rotary development process. Every morning, the development team receives the function points of the next version sorted. Out by the product manager by email to start development. And in the evening, the function is delivered to xiaolong and the product manager.

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Analyze the current version in the evening. And then give Tunisia Phone Number new ideas in the middle of the night. Even the direction, the product manager refines the idea into a function point and sends an email to the developer at the dawn of the day. Week by week. When the team decided to publish the moments. I thought everyone Tunisia Phone Number had reached their limit, because there were still. Bugs that had not been resolved at that time. Xiaolong said: bugs are also a kind of culture, so they were released. Before the release of the moments, xiaolong and harvey made a bet. They bet on the scale of the daily posting volume of the moments after three months. Xiaolong thinks it can reach 10 million, and harvey thinks it is 2 million.

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The answer to this question, you Tunisia Phone Number can guess for yourself. The experience of the circle of friends, i believe many people are already familiar with it. At first glance, it is no different from facebook. It is a news timeline experience, but after using it for a period of time, you will find the essential difference. The circle of friends Tunisia Phone Number continues the two-way friend relationship of wechat, and does not spread to the second-degree relationship. The protection of user privacy is the basis of the design. Whether you are chatting or sharing your life in wechat, there is no pressure. Of course, there are many details in the experience of the circle of friends that reflect the feelings of the product.

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