The storytelling of Zero Limestone: From comics to Netflix

The storytelling of Zero Calcare ironic and never banal, wins the Nobel Prize for Communication, telling the story of the Millennial generation. BY AZZURRA PAPALIA COMMUNICATION Table of Contents Zero Limestone from Kobane Calling to storytelling on NetflixBut who is Zero Calcare? The conscience of the Armadillo and other charactersConclusion Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode Amazon Polly Winning a Nobel Prize doesn’t happen every day. Indeed, to be honest, it is an extraordinary event that fills Italy with Belgium B2B List pride especially if the prize in question is the Nobel Prize for Communication 2021 , and it was won last November by Michele Rech, aka Zero Calcare . And it is precisely with his ironic and never comparatively,Belgium B2B List Tear along the edges” . the Roman cartoonist has been able to tell through various climaxes.

All the paranoia and doubts that accompany

All the paranoia and doubts that accompany. equally,Today’s young people. Zero limestone from. kobane calling to storytelling on netflixfor zero limestone, Belgium B2B List going from paper to streaming was not a walk in the park. Going from a political reportage like kobane calling , to a streaming series about one’s life, that is tearing along the edges , involved a leap into the void. Two different stories, united by a single constant, style. The air of a true roman, irony and naked reality, even if basically, the autobiographical element, are never lacking in his comics. in like manner,Thanks to these factors, zero calcare managed in just three days from its release on the streaming platform, to climb the rankings and position itself in first place on netflix italy. Why? Telling one ‘s adolescence and identifying Belgium B2B List with the viewer’s problems helps to bring the public closer.

Belgium B2B List

The problems dealt with concern purely life lived

The problems dealt with concern purely life lived. moreover,Putting the spotlight on an anthropological. Social and economic reflection that involves. Each of us coupled with tear along the edges. Trailer the intent of the series is to offer reflections. Belgium b2b list on our time and the society in which we live. This can be understood by learning to read the. Main character michele zero calcare and its storytelling. in addition,But who is zero calcare. Born in 1983. Half roman and half french  he owes his name.  Chosen by chance to the advertising of a product. uniquely,Against limestone  equipped with a sensitivity that. Belgium b2b list distinguishes him. He decides to tell about his time starting from the. G8 in genoa  which he experienced firsthand. in like manner,He chooses to represent reality through comics.


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