The strict selection model has evolved again, and there is no comfort zone for e-commerce Turkey Mobile Number

On July 19, NetEase Yanxuan made a new move: the 9.9 Super Value Zone was officially launch. And 180 popular products were re-priced, ranging from 50% to 20% off.

This kind of news is a bit surprising. For a long time, NetEase Yanxuan has been regard as synonymous with the new middle class by the outside world, and the target objects are also concentrate on middle-class brands such as Muji, IKEA, Uniqlo, etc. Why are they here? Time to launch a special area for value-added services, and use high cost performance as a killer? Some people accuse NetEase Yanxuan of encountering difficulties, some people smell the signal of cracking down on Pinduoduo, and some people try to explain from the dimension of consumption downgrade. Perhaps we can learn from the view of management guru Ai Rees: “Marketing is not a battle of products, but a battle of cognition.” 

The third stage of NetEase’s strict selection 

On the one hand, it is cost-effective, and on the Turkey Mobile Number other hand, it optimizes the supply chain. NetEase’s strict selection, which is experiencing the “three-year itch”, has entered the third stage of transformation and breakthrough.

Before the first half of 2017, NetEase Yanxuan had been in the “conceptual dividend” period. The external environment of consumption upgrade and the trend of users’ pursuit of high quality and low price gave NetEase Yanxuan an opportunity to preempt the card slot, and gave birth to a different kind of comprehensive electricity. The “strict selection model” of the company is even said to be the representative of the third e-commerce path besides.

The retail industry has no comfort zone

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According to the changes in consumption habits, Miura Exhibition divided Japan into four consumption eras. When the same standard is projected to the Chinese market, the perception is chaotic.

The rise of Pinduoduo has opened the curtain of the “Second Consumption Era”. The pursuit of cheap and cost-effective consumption characteristics still has a huge user base in China; It belongs to the typical “third consumption era”. Consumers pursue identity and belonging, and fall into a personalized “consumption black hole”; products of Japan’s “fourth consumption era” such as Uniqlo and Muji have no shortage of living soil in China. .

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