The Trend of Unexpected

Recently, numerous brands have chosen to follow. In the footsteps of unexpected co-branding, also creating. Couples that are not always destined. For success. In this article, we look at some co-marketing activities that have blown away consumers, all the way to the Russia Phone Number most recent case of table of contents co-branding the co-branding we didn’t know we (didn’t) need Kendall + kylie x ovs Balenciaga x crocs taffo x layla cosmetics. The irony of death and beauty don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode voiced by amazon polly dog and cat, black. And white, sweet and salty; there have always been things. Those do not fit together so well and that represents. The exact opposites of each other.


Similarly, some brands do not seem destined to create winning co-branding, to join forces to become a single entity and to share common goals, as they are profoundly different from each other. Yet sometimes opposites attract. Or maybe they just work together well. Some brands have come out of their comfort zone, they have dealt with a Russia Phone Number different way from their own, “breaking the rules” of co-branding and following unconventional and unconventional strategies. But let’s go in order. Co-branding Co-branding (or brand bundling, alliance) represents one of the most followed strategies by companies to extend their territory; it is the combination of two or more well-known brands through co-marketing to create a new product.

We Didn’t Know We (Didn’t) Need

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The main objective of this action is that all brands involved benefit from it (usually the “ invited brand ” and the “ host brand ”). To make this happen, it is good to share the same values; factors such as the mission, vision or positioning in the Russia Phone Number minds of the consumer should be similar and shared. Spotify X Starbucks co-branding Co-branding activity between Spotify and Starbucks However, co-branding can represent a ” double-edged sword “: we must be aware that the consumer could in the future continue to associate brands X with brands Y, and therefore, in the event of a crisis, a brand could ” lead to funding with him “also the other. This strategy works because it creates an even larger community; aficionados of one brand find themselves sharing the same experience as lovers of another brand.

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