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About SEO terminology HubSpot is an SEO powerhouse and anyone can learn from Namibia Phone Number List smaller scale. Some of the terms Sophia mentioned: Long-tail keywords – very specific and low-traffic search terms (e.g. “Google Analytics Content Marketing”) Headwords – higher traffic but broader keywords, hoping to reach a wider range of searchers (e.g. “content marketing”) Search Namibia Phone Number List are people searching for this keyword actually looking for? How can we answer this query with good content? One upping competitor posts – This is a common tactic often referred to as the skyscraper technique .

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You look at what’s popular and figure out how you can improve Namibia Phone Number List can build more links and go beyond what’s popular. Internal linking – When you write an article, it helps to link to other related articles you’ve written to show Google that they are topically relevant and important. If you want to revisit SEO, it never hurts to revisit Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO . For this Namibia Phone Number List submit consistently high-quality work, we start working on speed and recognizing when it’s the right time to “publish” a post. We also talked a lot about the results of our work – do you spend more time making this article absolutely “perfect” (I don’t think there is such a thing when it comes to creative products) or start another work that can be fully captured ?

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New search traffic? How do you ensure the Namibia Phone Number List quality of guest authors is good? More importantly, how do you make sure you don’t waste a lot of editorial time cleaning up guest content? Have you built any documents, processes or guardrails that have saved you a lot of time? For this reason, we don’t tend to accept many guest pitches. For us, it’s often faster to write something in-house from scratch than to outsource it and edit it back and forth. Another reason we don’t accept too much guest content is that we’ve covered a ton of content in our 12 years of blogging – it’s a challenge for outsiders to find “gap” topics they can fill. What skills do you think are underrated or underrated in a great content writer? pity.

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