Then He Uses the Changes Benin Phone Number

Then he uses the changes he observes Benin Phone Number to analyze future changes. And find the basis for business decisions. So how exactly did mr. Suzuki observe the problem? This is where the book feels most valuable to me, because by writing the book mr. Suzuki is actually trying to convey his thought process. Mr. Suzuki’s thinking Benin Phone Number process is actually the process of “hypothesis-oriented, fact-based, and strict structured thinking” advocated by the mckinsey method. It’s just that mr. Suzuki also emphasized that assumptions are not made out of thin air. But come from observation and judgment of life trends. I think suzuki’s most important judgment. The judgment of the japanese is that they are becoming richer. Less birthrate, older, and more social.

The Result Is That Benin Phone Number

People are getting lazy and trusting Benin Phone Number social word-of-mouth more and more. And the result is the unification of products, not the diversification. 2. However, it is difficult for well-informed consumers to satisfy them. So on the surface, there are countless merchants’ product diversification, but those products have a very Benin Phone Number short life cycle. And a really good product has a long life cycle. 3. A good product relies on a system to generate competitiveness. Such as rice balls, from the taste, process standardization, equipment standardization. Consistency to the completion of the processing factory and the online store. 7eleven2 i summarize the reasons for the establishment of 7-eleven mentioned.

Summarizing the Framework Benin Phone Number

Benin Phone Number

Of his thinking, i personally think Benin Phone Number that his research. Conclusions will be very enlightening to the reality of china. “quality” is more important than “cheap” the business analysis process of mr. Suzuki’s introduction of rice balls is also very interesting. During the economic crisis in 2008, everyone thought that Benin Phone Number cheap rice balls should be launched, but mr. Suzuki believed that as long as we made good rice balls from “home-made taste” to “make. A taste that is difficult to achieve at home”, not only should the price not be reduced, there should also be high-priced rice balls. Mr. Suzuki believes that “quality” is more important than “cheap”. How did mr. Suzuki come to this judgment? I tried to sort out his logic again.

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