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There is an unconvincing “Grandmother paradox” in it: if you go back in time and meet your grandmother when you were young and unmarried, and kill your grandmother for some reason. Then you can’t be there later mother and yourself. In fact, the bigger problem is: if you go back to the past and some people or events that play a key role in the development of the future world situation have some hands and feet, then if you move your whole body. The whole world situation will not be what we have now. See what it looks like!

In fact, the outstanding Nepal Phone Number theoretical physicishawking conducted an experiment in 2009 called a “Time traveler party”. He announced to the universe when and where he would hold a “Time traveler party” ( right in cambridge university), but after waiting for a long time. I didn’t even see a “Shadow of future people”. Therefore, hawking said that it seems possible in theory to go back to the past through the “Time tunnel”, but in practice it is impossible.

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However, there is another more mysterious “Parallel universe” or “Multiverse” theory, which can not only resolve the aforementioned. Grandmother paradox”, but also make decisions and changes at critical moments in life, prevent tragedies, and the nature of life. Can bring us more inspiration. Eduardo, a middle-aged man from barcelona, ​​has a fairly happy family. After returning home from get off work one day, he quarrelled with his beloved wife alyssa over eating and drinking. And did not sleep. He sat all day with blank eyes and turned a deaf ear to the condolences of relatives. Who came to mourn. There was only one thought in my mind: “If I hadn’t quarreled with my wife that day and handed her the keys to.

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The old woman claimed to be dr. Everest who retired from the united states and felt that edward was very suitable as the subject of her experiment – just put a spiral iron ring on her elbow, and she could enter after a simple operation. In another parallel universe, and then back again. Edward felt that he had nothing to lose. After a tentative attempt, he got into a fast-moving train. Then the train seemed to hit something and braked to a stop.

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