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What is Fintech?

Fintech is short for ‘Financial Technology’ is a new technological innovation as well as an industry that is emerging as a new mode of deliverance of financial services and solutions. Unlike traditional China Phone Number financial methods, fintech industry completely relies upon technology for its working, as it itself is a product of digital technology.

Fintech makes use of smartphones for investment, banking, trading in capital markets, and has derived cryptocurrency, as a mode of digital currency.

As digital is deemed to be the future of mankind, fintech is deemed to be the future of banking. Realizing its immense potentials, traditional players or established financial institutions are embracing fintech. However, a large segment of fintech players are in fact start-ups aspiring . To compete against established players and fain a more competitive edge.

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In order to achieve this, they have realized the need for marketing their services across the spectrum of digital platform.

Digital Marketing for Fintech Start-ups

Digital marketing has changed the most fundamental ways in which we approach our audiences. Gone are the days of cold-calling or outbound marketing.

In a world driven by digital data, the advancement of search engines, larger consumer preferences and reduced time of solution delivery – inbound marketing is pioneering as the most efficient digital marketing strategy for new businesses, and particularly fintech start-ups.

Inbound marketing for fintech start-ups helps a great deal since it focuses on improving trust through personalization.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing for Fintech Start-ups

• Cost-Effective: On an average, the cost for an inbound lead is 61% lesser than that of outbound lead. Also, five months after rolling out of an inbound strategy, the average cost per lead reduces by 80%. This is of great benefit for fintech start-ups as they can regulate their ad-spends.

Quality and informative content can help your customers make an informed decision and thus eventually trust your brand and stay loyal.

• Increases your Viability: Investors prefer to understand your products and services before making an investment. In this regard, inbound marketing strategy grows alongside your business. This nurture leads and increases the viability of your fintech start-up, thus producing long-term customers.

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