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Think the reason is very simple. With economic development, the Kazakhstan Phone Number proportion of the tertiary industry. Service industry will exceed that of the secondary industry (industry). Now, all industries are being internet-based. The combination of mobile internet demand and offline entertainment will create a large Kazakhstan Phone Number market of several trillions. Even so / though, is a market that surpasses taobao! What is the highest market value of alibaba? ? Once approaching 300 billion us dollars. When entrepreneurs and vcs sharpen their knives. And enter the market, leading platform giants. Are already quietly deploying ecosystems. Even so / though, is investing 1 billion us dollars to build a new o2o ecosystem.

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World is only a corner of the entire iceberg. Do not believe? Just look at the car o2o to know. In the past year, 58 has invested in the Kazakhstan Phone Number largest second- and third-tier city used car network “273 used cars”, auto auction platform zhuo jihad, o2o car rental company baojia car rental, the largest Kazakhstan Phone Number wash platform. E-representing the driving industry drivers, etc. Even so / though, hatched 58 sparring and 58 illegal inquiries. And acquired the largest driving test website. The driving school “easy point” a week ago! In the next few years, o2o leaders like 58 and meituan are doing their best to expand. Their ecosystem, and bat will certainly not show weakness.

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Even so / though, feast of mergers Kazakhstan Phone Number and acquisitions, and the market concentration will increase rapidly. This is also a channel for small companies to exit, which is a good thing. [wind direction 2: quickly shift from information service. To transaction mode] i don’t know if you have found out Kazakhstan Phone Number that is no longer the 58–“de-classified informatization”. In fact, classified information is now just a division of 58. And that’s it. As a 58-year-old business, classified information business accounts for 80% of its employees and almost 100% of its revenue. Even so / though, as jack ma used his b2b business to continue blood transfusions. To raise taobao and alipay, the mission of 58 for classified information is to increase revenue and monetization. And to continuously export talents to innovative businesses. “this department is doing very well now.

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