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This kind of effect advertising is exactly what guangdiantong is doing. Performance advertising is no longer a new topic in the marketing circle, and its technical List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers algorithms and pricing models have grown from the pc era to the present. Peng jiaxin believes that compared with traditional effect advertising. Tencent has three advantages: first, tencent owns 6 or 7 apps. With more than 100 million users, including qq, qq zone, wechat, qq music, qq browser. And tencent news client, which are List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the most extensive in terms of big data. That is to say, as long as a person surfs the internet. Whether he drives a lamborghini or sells hot and sour noodles, you can define such target users through tencent; second. Establish a separate effect advertising platform department guangdiantong. In terms of research and development great investment; finally.

Tencent Media Group List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

Has also accumulated internal List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers resources such as procter & gamble, coca-cola, unilever, etc. Has an understanding of the entire advertising industry and has accumulated more brand advertisers. Among all these advantages, peng jiaxin believes that the most successful thing about facebook is that the whole company List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers is very focused on the advertising platform business, and only makes a performance. Advertising system in the background. Because effect advertising requires a lot of technical accumulation and needs to analyze user attributes through big data. Furthermore, unified effect advertising system is more convenient. To use all user data for further exploration and mining. In the mobile era where traffic is becoming more and more decentralized.

Guangdiantong Needs to List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

Furthermore, two key problems for rapid List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers development: first. More traffic resources opened up by various departments of tencent. Second, how to attract high-quality advertisers. Whether they are industry advertisers or brand advertiser. Whether the traffic pool is large enough depends on whether List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers tencent is willing. To open more advertising spaces to guangdiantong. “the mobile alliance is also a new attempt by guangdiantong to obtain more upstream traffic.” ma yiqun, deputy general manager of tencent guangdiantong, further explained. In june 2013, the internal test of guangdiantong mobile alliance was launched. At the beginning of 2014, its traffic scale reached 200 million per day. And in october it exceeded 600 million.

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