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You’ll be walking away in minutes with actionable India WhatsApp Number List takeaways to try right away. Let’s dive in! Shayla Price is a marketer who positions products for growth. Whether it’s content, emails or good PR, she strives to please her clients and increase her company’s revenue. Shayla enjoys training teams to be critical thinkers. She also supports access to remote work opportunities. Shayla’s work can be India WhatsApp Number List seen everywhere, not just on her clients’ websites. She has bylines all over the internet, from Entrepreneur and Huffington Post to Shopify and Conversional . She keeps putting out great content and is a super prolific content producer. Here, we ask her how she gets so much work, where she finds inspiration to post, and how she tests new strategies.

Automation Is the New Normal

You can follow on Twitter or here India WhatsApp Number List on LinkedIn . Shayla Price headshot1 Shayla Price How would you describe your character? Content leader managing multiple authors/creators What are the top 3 blogs you follow? Content Marketing Institute , Inside Intercom , and Shopify’s ecommerce marketing blog are the top 3 blogs I follow. What are your top 3 favorite tools for putting out top content on a India WhatsApp Number List regular basis? Buffer , Zest , and Quipu Promotion are my 3 favorite marketing content tools. What’s the secret of your production function? In other words, how did you manage to get so much crap? Time management is key to content production.

Customers Are Becoming Increasingly

When I write, I count myself words every day in order to India WhatsApp Number List finish an essay by a deadline. When managing other content creators, I like to use the editorial calendar and set specific expectations. How do you research or come up with topic ideas? It depends on the type of content. Sometimes I use BuzzSumo to generate ideas and monitor matches. I also like to change conference topics from expert India WhatsApp Number List speakers to long blog posts. How do you measure the ROI or effectiveness of your content? I measure content ROI against marketing goals. In some cases, content effectiveness may equate to increasing web traffic, increasing lead sign-ups, or gaining more newsletter subscribers. How do you test new ideas or concepts in content marketing?

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