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Three good tablemates looking back Lithuania Phone Number at the bat mobile competition in 2014. A very dramatic phenomenon is: bat competes to imitate the layout of the mobile terminal, just like three good classmates who are taking a mock exam in a class. The articles were passed on and off. And eventually, everyone’s answers Lithuania Phone Number were almost the same. At the beginning of the year, baidu brought nuomi under its command. Which made up the last part of the o2o layout of e-commerce. Ali then took autonavi and uc into the bag, and tencent joined dianping and navinfo. As a result, a mobile terminal layout with “search + map + o2o. As the backbone framework was completed one after another on the big three. The story after that is that ali and his godson uc jointly launched shenma search, tencent has already invested in sogou.

And the Mobile Lithuania Phone Number

Search war has begun to ignite. In terms Lithuania Phone Number of mobile payment, alipay’s position as the leader is difficult to shake, but tencent’s wechat payment has already established a world through red envelopes. And baidu has launched baidu wallet, trying to attack the o2o life service with the business Lithuania Phone Number closed loop of map + glutinous rice + wallet. Market. Unfortunately, baidu wallet came too late and lacks application scenarios. So there is no hope of breaking through for the time being. The scuffle between autonavi and baidu in the map market is from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Although tencent has always kept a low profile in terms of maps and o2o. Since its marriage with dianping, tencent’s “last wish” of micro-life has continued.

As a Shareholder Lithuania Phone Number

Lithuania Phone Number

Of navinfo, maiwaidi and many other Lithuania Phone Number mobile internet companies.tencent’s ambitions are already clear. A mobile internet company and two internet companies began to fight baidu took the lead. In completing the transformation, which will inevitably make bat more intense in the fields of search, maps, o2o, and social Lithuania Phone Number networking. In the field of mobile search, although uc’s shenma search is nothing, the search alliance of tencent. Sogou and the launch of wechat search are trying to change the habit. Of users baidu. One thing for sure is that mobile search will become one of the focal points. Of bat’s competition, and it is also related to whether baidu can continue to produce decent mobile revenue data in 2015.

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