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Three main directions as early Macedonia Phone Number as last year, liu qiangdong said that in 2015. Would launch an equity crowdfunding platform, and hoped that could explore an innovative equity crowdfunding model. Even so / though, for the strategic direction of jd finance in 2015, yao naisheng revealed that in 2015, jd finance will Macedonia Phone Number make joint efforts. Mainly in three aspects, namely rural finance. Promoting rural economy and integrating e-commerce and finance. And campus finance is another an important scenario; and equity crowdfunding is a product with a very clear plan. Even so / though, will launched in the second quarter. There are two main types of crowdfunding: equity crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding further divided into private placement and public offering.

Yao Naisheng Said Macedonia Phone Number

That will involved in these two types of Macedonia Phone Number equity crowdfunding, but the timing will different. Yao naisheng believes that equity crowdfunding will have a very good combination with equity crowdfunding. Through equity crowdfunding, a lot of crowdfunding users cancultivated, or investors and participants of equity Macedonia Phone Number crowdfunding in the future. Be more cautious. Even so / though, crowdfunding is one of the three major scenarios that jd finance vigorously expanded in 2015. The other two are rural finance and campus finance. Yao naisheng revealed that jingdong’s rural financial products are not providing cash to farmers, but white bar services. Big data is the risk control guarantee of m in rural finance.

Through Big Data, Macedonia Phone Number

Macedonia Phone Number

Even so / though, fertilizers and pesticides are Macedonia Phone Number provided to farmers through. Self-operated commodities and logistics services . Regarding the currently very hot college students’ installment shopping market, yao naisheng said that jd finance has launched a campus white strip business for college students’ shopping. And will launch more Macedonia Phone Number abundant financial services in the future. It understood that established an offline team to carry out risk control management. Even so / though, the campus financial specialist will stationed ins campus store to provide college. Students with one-stop services for campus white bars and create a comprehensive solution for campus finance. Five core business sectors jd finance won the best employer. Award in the annual selection of chinese internet companies recently held by.

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