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Since then I’ve been covering fitness exclusively so I spend most of my time on the staff writing about fitness science trends/new Hong Kong Phone Number List top trainers and fitness company founders and CEO. How would you describe the main difference between working in-house and being a full-time freelancer? Beyond the obvious differences in financial predictability, health insurance, taxes, insurance, etc. I would say I have more freedom in deciding who I work with and what I do. At the same Hong Kong Phone Number List only person in my business making decisions can be challenging. It’s also very different not being part of a team every feel like I’m a small part of the client team, but to a very small extent.

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Sometimes it seems more productive to work alone Hong Kong Phone Number List but sometimes it’s hard to stay. Inspired and motivated surrounded by colleagues full of other writers to inspire or brainstorm ideas. So there are definitely a lot of differences, and each situation has its own Hong Kong Phone Number List pros and cons. What’s the most effective way for freelance writers to build a portfolio of clients they love to work with? I always say that if people want to work with clients they love to work with, start by thinking about the product, brand, service or person you admire and then simply ask if they need help with Hong Kong Phone Number List content or brand development. And be willing to work on it for free for a while (if you’re new to writing), or even do a test run to see if it fits.

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You’d be surprised how many people want to make more Hong Kong Phone Number List  just don’t have the time. All you have to do is offer them a solution that appeals to them and show a genuine interest in helping them or their brand grow. This has worked in my experience and I have always been strict about working with clients. I personally support and what I want to help promote about their work or mission. It’s this Hong Kong Phone Number List approach that almost feels a little mission-driven. It’s helped me find the clients that are the best for me professionally as well as clients that I personally click on.

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