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Titanium media’s previous article “the biggest effect of advertising in the circle of friends. Will be to accelerate the mainstreaming of mobile Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List information. Flow advertising” also explained this in detail. Want to know how guangdiantong has made changes. Step by step, and how it will continue to play the traffic business in the future. Business value” reporter liu hongjun made a further Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List detailed interview. The full text will published in the march issue of bt media “business value. Magazine, the following is part of the content, slightly edited by titanium media. Internet business is essentially a traffic business. The news feed advertisements in qzone called “artifacts for ranking lists.

The News Feed Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Advertisements in wechat moments have just tested. Furthermore, has sparked a heated discussion about advertisements. In fact, news feed advertising is not new. It first launched by facebook in 2006 and has been applied. To social products Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List such as twitter, sina weibo and qzone. When the major traffic giants such as qzon. Weibo, wechat and other major traffic giants developed more and more advertising spaces, facebook Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List founder zuckerberg cut off. Most of the ads you can see on facebook pages at a high price bit. It is not difficult to find that when the bottom of various. Web pages filled with advertisements, the advertisement column. On the right side of facebook becomes.

The Small Advertisement Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Furthermore, the far right becomes the user Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List address book. Compared with revenue, although facebook cut off most of the advertising space, advertising revenue accounted for more than 90% of total revenue. And mobile advertising accounted for 66%. In the latest 2014 third quarter financial report, net profit Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List increased by 90% year-on-year. The same is information flow advertising, why facebook can play, sina weibo failed. Can tencent advertising model work? The answer hidden in the new gameplay of social traffic. Traffic monetization guangdiantong. Was originally a closed-loop ecological advertising system within tencent. When tencent launched its open platform strategy. It strived for advertising space in qq space for tencent’s own games.

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