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To achieve great things, Lebanon Phone Number embarrassed or afraid. Small cleverness can only be small, great concentration, it’s a fair word. All great companies have to do three things: one is to find a future direction, the other is to win a tough battle, and the third is to expand the boundaries. I believe that the boundary of 58 has ten times, or even a hundred Lebanon Phone Number times of room for growth.” the elegant yao jinbo had such a wild dream in his heart. In fact, in any new era, it is a crazy enclosure at the beginning. E-commerce and o2o are nothing more than a wave of stormy waves – you can’t sail without big waves. It’s just that many people will be frightened by the stormy waves on the journey to the sea of ​​stars. When the dream opens the door, it feels like a reality, not a dream.

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58 has room for imagination, and the Lebanon Phone Number entire o2o revolution has only just begun. Compared with the market of more than ten trillion in local life services, how much has everyone done? It has become a consensus in the internet industry. That whoever wins the mobile will win the world. In the past year, the battle of bat mobile Lebanon Phone Number terminal has been raging. From o2o to mobile payment, from mobile search to mobile e-commerce, battles have been fought one after another. With the advance layout, baidu took the lead in transforming into a mobile. Internet company among the three giants. How will this affect the bat battle? Pc giants turn into mobile internet companies baidu’s 2014 q4 and full-year financial reports.

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Search giant’s mobile revenue Lebanon Phone Number accounted for 37% in 2014, and q4’s mobile revenue accounted for 42%. In december, mobile search revenue surpassed pc for the first time. In one quarter, baidu’s mobile traffic has surpassed that of pc, and this trend continues. For bat and china’s internet industry. Baidu’s first transformation Lebanon Phone Number also heralds the beginning of a new war. As a mobile internet company, baidu will definitely accelerate the in-depth layout of various lines of business in the mobile terminal in 2015. The structural adjustment earlier this month has laid a foreshadowing for this. And tencent ali in bat will definitely not let baidu play alone, and will definitely do its best to fight this blocking war.

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