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for fashion designers to create pieces that. Can last longer in the market. The good news is that. If you’re a store that offers versatile seasonal products, you’ve come to the right place as consumers. Are looking to buy versatile fashionable items that they can wear. In different seasons. Install ar and vr fitting rooms. The world is in an advanced digital stage where many retailers are looking to retain current customers. While attracting new customers using virtual reality (vr) and augmented reality (ar) experiences. In a 2018 gartner study, over 40% of fashion retailers are looking.

Virtual reality and augmented reality services

Locker rooms are one of the areas you can tap into to develop customer service. Customers can adjust their clothes. Honduras WhatsApp Number List Without physically going to the store. For example:2021. E-commerce apparel market size trends (image credit: paperblog) for example, rhone apparel. Was inspired by rakuten to create a virtual fitting service called “rakuten suits me”. The service prompted consumers who were unsure how specific. Products would suit them to buy more. They would answer a few questions and the correct fit of the product would be shown from different angles.

Of convenience and information

Honduras WhatsApp Number List

The conversion rate of those who have used the service increases by 9.8% compared .To those who have traditionally purchased. Over the past few years, “rakuten fit me” conversions have tripled. They had new customers who came to see the product and ended. Up buying new products. Asos launched its augmented reality service. Where customers could view models from the comfort of their homes. Models in new pieces. The desire of customers made them aware of the new collections

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