Top Skills in Digital Marketing Today Now

That we have an idea of ​​what the ideal professional in digital marketing should be like, let’s move on to the next question: what does he have to know how to do? These are the most demanded digital skills in selection processes: Attract and retain customers through a digital strategy . Interestingly, despite being the most demanded, it is also the least implemented. Have a business strategy and methodologies aimed at promoting digital innovation . As we have seen, being able to adapt and adopt new tools is absolutely essential today.


Have a specific strategy

Technology to Peru Phone Number manage customer relationships . Digital media has completely changed customer expectations and their relationship with the brand, so a good marketer must be able to manage this change. Have a strategy and technology to exploit knowledge . Companies themselves must be able to promote and exploit knowledge of the digital environment, in order to find new possibilities with which to respond to their challenges.


Coordinate and work as a team in digital environments

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In a world where there are no absolute experts, collaboration is more important than ever to achieve goals. A good marketer is a perfectly integrated member of the team, not a lone wolf. Have a digital marketing plan . A basic point, but still failing. Diagnose the customer experience in the customer’s moments of truth . Customer experience is one of the pillars of marketing today.

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