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Do you know that 90% of information leaks are the result of human error? Small businesses should take the time to train their staff and ensure the privacy . Of sensitive data. Thanks to this training, employees will be able to understand their role in helping to protect . The high volume of information handled by the corporation, both private and commercial data. Training in privacy protection for companies . This training on how to protect the privacy of a company, should prioritize the following areas:.

Tips for creating strong passwords and resetting them every 60 or 90 days. Be up to date on trends in the obligations established by the data protection law. As well as scams and fraud through the internet. Know the basic principles and best security practices. For example, how to detect fraudulent emails, avoid opening attachments or clicking on suspicious links. Advice on data protection. For example, when storing information in spaces . Approved by the company -an authenticated cloud service, for example-.

Once The Training Is Completed

The company’s own personnel can sign a Ivory Coast Phone Number document that proves that they . Have been trained and educated about the company’s data privacy policies. 3. Invest in security software . Companies are often advised to use a “clean machine”. That is, download updated software. Web browsers, and operating systems that keep computer viruses and malware away from corporate privacy. What software should small businesses install to protect privacy? These are the most relevant in terms of data security: antimalware to help combat phishing attacks.

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Network security software to scan and identify vulnerabilities before a data breach. Antivirus that detects viruses and malware after each computer update. Traditional firewall to prevent . Cyber attackers from accessing a private network and accessing the personal information stored there. Computer security software for real-time protection against any incoming threat. It also scans computers for existing threats and identifies, blocks, and removes suspicious code and software.

Also, Remember To Regularly

Audit your website and activate automatic updates in the aforementioned software. Protect your website and your customers with web security tools . 4. Implement multi-factor authentication (mfa) one of the basic principles included in staff training is learning how to create . Strong passwords and change them regularly every 60 to 90 days. Another tip to protect access data and . Ensure secure of the person logging in and adds an extra layer of security protection by requiring . Extra information along with the username and password. But what is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication helps verify the identity of the person signing in and adds an . Extra layer of security protection by asking for additional information along with . Their username and password. Some examples of mfa are receiving a call on an employee’s mobile . Logins is to implement multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication helps verify . The identity phone or sending an access code via text message. In this way, it helps verify the identity of the person . Logging in and adds an extra layer of security protection. 5. Use a secure wi-fi network most small businesses have a dedicated wi-fi network for staff.

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