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Infographics perform well on social media platforms like Pinterest Benin Phone Numbers List where visuals are very important. This type of content is great for companies to create because it teaches something to the audience in a way that is very different from most other types of content. Here is a good example of an infographic: paste image 0 source This one in particular compares two things. You have to figure out the best way to present your message visually. 7. Videos Videos are big and growing. There are many different types of video Benin Phone Numbers List content to create. You can create 30-60 second quick explainer videos, social media ad videos, or informational/instructional videos.

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Another great way to create video content is to go live. Facebook Benin Phone Numbers List YouTube all have live video capabilities that make it easy not only to create videos, but also to interact with your audience while making them. Videos are often an important part of online courses as well, as they help teach content in addition to written material. Not everyone learns the same way, and wrapping multiple types of content into one is really powerful. Bonus: Videos work really well on social media, especially Facebook. Online courses Online courses tend Benin Phone Numbers List to be a core product in the content marketing funnel, but they’re still a great way to talk. If you’re considering creating information products in your business, online courses are a smart choice.

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This content often doubles as marketing content and customer Benin Phone Numbers List success content. It’s educational, but can also attract new customers thanks to SEO and social. A good example is Gunsight’s Customer Success University: Screenshot 13 April 2019 4.32.53pm 9. Podcasts Podcasts are popular right now and will likely continue to be. People love to fill their free time with something educational or entertaining, so why not do a content marketing podcast? 10. Interview Conducting interviews and sharing them on Benin Phone Numbers List and more is a great way to collaborate with experts in your industry. Not only does it have great brand recognition for your business, but it helps boost your reputation in the industry.

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