Two Reasons Most Popular Law Firms and Attorneys

Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 11 1 Second, you South Africa WhatsApp Number List can also use the up or down arrows to move the block up or down one position: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 12 *To activate drag and drop, hover over the 6 dots between the up and down arrows. Handling behind-the-scenes information (categories, URL Slug, etc.) Ok, the above should cover how to add basic blog content. But what South Africa WhatsApp Number List about all the other behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing the post? For most operations, you can use the Documents tab of the sidebar you will be here.

Directory Why Directories Matter for

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Choose a Post Date/Scheduled Post in Advance select South Africa WhatsApp Number List author Add categories and tags Choose your featured image enter your excerpt Additionally, you can use the buttons above the sidebar to: Preview your post Save drafts ( Gutenberg automatically saves your drafts, so you usually don’t need to do this manually ) publish your post Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 13 The only tricky part is South Africa WhatsApp Number List setting the URL slug of your post or page. To edit it, click on the title. Then you will be able to edit the slug: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 14 1 What about plugins like Yoast SEO? How will they work? Most likely you will need to configure some additional backend plugins for each content.

Law Firm Seo What Are the Best

You can interact with these plugins in two ways. First, many South Africa WhatsApp Number List developers are already working on direct compatibility with Gutenberg. For example Yoast SEO already supports Gutenberg, you will configure your Yoast SEO settings directly from the same document sidebar. You can’t use all markdown syntax. But the above example is already very helpful for faster South Africa WhatsApp Number List formatting: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics Edit the HTML directly if needed If you do come across a situation where you want to edit the HTML directly, you can access the code editor by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner or using the shortcut.

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