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How have consumer attitudes and shopping habits changed during the pandemic? What type of shopping experience do consumers expect in 2021? How should my business adapt? As a small business owner, these are questions to ask in a market where consumer behavior has changed dramatically since March 2020. You may be wondering how best to connect with today’s buyer. Well, you’re in luck because in June 2021, Sendinblue partnered. With CITE Research to Australia WhatsApp Number conduct a global consumer behavior study. We surveyed 4,199 consumers in the US , UK, France and Germany about their online shopping habits. Want to know how consumer attitudes have changed toward small business, digital communications, minority-owned businesses, and data privacy over the past year?

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44% of consumers bought more from small businesses during the pandemic than before. Why? Because they felt a greater connection to small businesses and wanted to boost their local economies. The transition to small business procurement is expected to continue post-pandemic. Only 8% plan to buy less from small businesses. Email is the preferred brand communication channel for all generations except Gen Z. They prefer Instagram. Free shipping , a larger product selection, and an easy-to-use checkout are ranked among the top three things that encourage consumers to buy from an online store. A third of consumers intentionally bought more from minority-owned businesses in the past year.

What to Expect After the Pandemic?

Australia WhatsApp Number
Australia WhatsApp Number

The future looks bright for small business owners. Only 8% of global consumers plan to reduce small business in-person shopping in the future. The majority plan to maintain the same level of purchase, or even increase it. Key points to remember. The pandemic has motivated people to shop locally. As a small business owner, you should take this opportunity to build relationships that will last long into the future. Note that consumers said they felt “more connected” to small businesses. It mostly comes down to a more personal shopping experience and a better level of customer service. Create a consistently good customer experience and find ways to keep people coming back to your store. Email newsletters, loyalty programs, and coupons for future use are classic examples of ways to retain customers.

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