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If you want, you can actually install the plugin and start using it Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List on your website right away. Once beta and testing are WordPress team will incorporate the Gutenberg editor into the core WordPress . Then once you update your WordPress site to WordPress. Gutenberg editor Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List will automatically replace the current TinyMCE editor. What happens to your existing content when the Gutenberg Editor is released? Since Gutenberg is replacing the current editor you may be wondering what will happen to all the existing content.

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Don’t worry Gutenberg was built for backward Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List compatibility . For now, Gutenberg puts all your old content into one classic block. For example, the TinyMCE example above looks like this when I install Gutenberg. Gutenberg Editor’s Guide 3 Step Back 1 If you can continue to work within a single Classic the experience is a bit awkward. Alternatively you Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List can click the three dots icon to convert old content into Gutenberg blocks.

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Since the Gutenberg editor uses this single classic Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List block approach for older content, you won’t experience any transition issues. But you might run into issues with third-party plugins, so you should still be vigilant and check for older content. Does the Gutenberg editor work with all WordPress themes? Yes! Again since Gutenberg will be the default it naturally needs Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List to work with any WordPress theme. Gutenberg Compatible” appear in marketing materials for many themes. Here’s what makes the theme compatible with Gutenberg Special Block Styles.

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