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We have to make it smaller than talkbox of traffic (one-third of traffic) but the same quality. Two days later, i emailed xiaolong: done. That was the most Taiwan Phone Number fulfilling thing i’ve ever done in guangyan. It is estimated that at that time, xiaolong must have thought. In his heart: nani! But this is by no means the last time. Something similar Taiwan Phone Number happened again and again with the video feature in version 2.5, the same request a quarter of whatsapp traffic. Encoding and decoding took only four days. That time i stayed overnight for two nights, and while traveling still writing code. It became a team joke for a while. In fact, i just adapted the open source project and ran it on ios.

The Internal Logic Taiwan Phone Number

Take too much time to understand. I know that the speed of the project is very important. Many subsequent projects were completed under such circumstances. After a month of hard work, the wechat 2.0 voice version was finally released in early may Taiwan Phone Number this is the official first version. And the previous versions have been added beta. When we see a pillar of user data, the stone that has been suppressed on the team for a long time begins to shatter. In the next development, we have been catching up with another very popular kik-like application Taiwan Phone Number at that time-michao. At that time, we could estimate the number of users from michat’s account allocation algorithm, and then compare it with our own number of users.

I Feel That Everyone Taiwan Phone Number

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But in fact, is not worried about michao. With our product development speed and the company’s user base. It is a matter of time before we surpass michao. What everyone is really worried about is another application of the same door – qq. However, as an application in the survival period, it must Taiwan Phone Number be surpassed by an imaginary enemy (this is also an unspoken rule for guangyan to make products), so let’s talk about it. At that time, users felt similar to wechat, michat, and even talkbox. Everyone was talking about who plagiarized who of these Taiwan Phone Number three applications. Later, michat made a graffiti function. . The reply from wechat was the 2.5 version in early august.

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