What Are Ssl Certificates and What

For several years, Google has sought to change the policy on SSL certificates. Also, them to implemented on every website. It all started with the 2014 campaign, called HTTPS Everywhere. Whose main purpose was to draw attention to their importance. Currently, 68% of all traffic on Windows and Android protected. And Google aims to maintain this upward trend. In the following, we  Chile WhatsApp Number will explain exactly what an SSL certificate. What its role , and how it ce obtained by answering frequently asked questions about this topic. What is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that establishes a secure connection between a web server and a browser. It guarantees the secure exchange of data. Protecting information about bank cards, passwords and, in general, any information that intend to remain private.

Extended Validation Certificate

It confirms the applicant’s right to use a specific domain by activating the HTTPS protocol. Most of the time, this type of certificate cheaper and  issued faster. As well as, it does not guarantee the absolute security of the website. They can paid monthly. And some hosting services even offer them for free. Organization Validation Certificate. It one of the safest choices, and often used by large companies or organizations that seek to build a strong relationship of trust with their customers. Its prices vary depending on the number of secure domains and subdomains and the chosen guarantee, starting from 9 € and reaching up to several hundred euros.

Ssl Certificate for a Single Name / Domain

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It offers the highest level of security of all types of SSL certificates. By activating the HTTPS protocol and the green bar that mentions the name of the company that holds the certificate. It can only be obtained through a strict authentication process based on detailed documentation. And the validation process is longer. The price of such a certificate is about 150 year. SSL certificates also differ depending on the number of secure domains. With a list of secure domains and subdomains attached when they are issued.

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