What Is Google Trends and What Is It for?

Keeping up to date with digital marketing trends is a fundamental part of our daily lives as marketers. And for this, there is an essential tool: Google Trends. Google Trends is a free resource from Google that allows us to know at a glance what terms users Denmark Phone Number are searching for. We can use it to plan the structure of our website, improve SEO, get content ideas and much more, so let’s see what it is and how it works. Do you want to improve your SEO positioning and also your Inbound Marketing strategy? Click here and download our free ebook what is Google Trends and how does it work?t is very useful for identifying trends and seasonal terms.

How to Use Google Trends to Improve Your Seo

Of course, you must always bear in mind that it only shows data for keywords with a certain volume of searches and that the data is relative, not absolute. what-is-google-trends It also offers features such as a global heat map that measures interest in a Denmark Phone Number keyword in different locations, a list of keywords related to each search term, or the option to compare up to five terms at once. Real-time search trends: This shows queries that have seen a lot of recent traffic growth. The data is a combination of knowledge graph topics, search interests, and Google News articles.

What Is Google Trends and How Does It Work?

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The algorithm ranks news based on relative volume growth and absolute search volume. Given their great relationship with current affairs, these sections can be very useful to search for topics to quickly produce content or join the conversation on social networks. Clicking on a story on the search trends page displays additional context. The Denmark Phone Number real-time search trends graph combines data about Google News and Google search. The bar graph represents the number of Google News articles written per hour and corresponds to the gray axis on the right, while the line graph represents Google search interest over time and corresponds to the blue axis on the left. What information can I find in Google Trends? The volume of searches for a keyword in terms relative to its evolution over time. Searches related to a specific term or topic.

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