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But when it comes to content creation, you can get really bad Singapore Phone Number List to find blog posts that currently rank almost on the first page of your site. Just plug in your URL, filter for rankings 8-20, and set your keyword count to some threshold you care about. Voila! You’ve been given a list of priority blog optimization opportunities. Screenshot October 17, 2018 2.05.18 PM I’ll stress this throughout Singapore Phone Number List you have a business question, data probably exists (in some form and place) to help you answer it. The real value now lies in asking good and important business questions (and knowing where to look for answers).

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Qualitative data for bloggers Qualitative data is poorly evaluated in my opinion. It’s not that Singapore Phone Number List most people. But it can be very valuable, especially for content marketers. Qualitative data can help you answer the following questions: What type of content do my readers want to consume? What UX bottlenecks are frustrating people on my site? What questions and hesitations do readers have about my website? Have a question I didn’t answer? In general, qualitative data can be a great way to tease out Singapore Phone Number List even know existed. Basically you can fish in the fourth quadrant of the knowledge matrix (you don’t know you don’t know).

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Knowledge Matrix 1 Image Source It also helps you navigate quadrant C when you have a clear question, but you need some insight into the answer. For Singapore Phone Number List your lead generation form isn’t converting the way it should, but you don’t know why. A survey or user testing can help you find a solution. As is the case with quantitative data, there are various types and methods of collecting qualitative data. Some of them Singapore Phone Number List live voting User testing and session replay heuristic analysis Reader Survey One of my favorite implementations of qualitative data collection is reader surveys.

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