What the Presentation Site of an Accommodation Unit Should Contain

Surely you have noticed the speed with which things are moving online. Tourists search for information on the internet about tourist attractions, accommodation units. Customer reviews and as many pictures as possible. It is not enough to an ad on any site or to wait for Indonesia WhatsApp Number customers with a “Free Rooms” sign hanging on the front door. Do you have an accommodation unit and want to make it a presentation site? Here’s what it should contain. Accommodation unit information. First of all, a presentation page of the accommodation unit is more than necessary. You should make a brief description of its history, the number of accommodation places. The presentation of the facilities, services and certain features that it offers.

Room Information

All tourists want to see what the rooms look like and what facilities they have. To do this, the dedicated page must include each type of room, the facilities and some pictures. Location information. Isn’t it wherever you want to go and looking for accommodation do you want to know. The accommodation unit is located and how close it to the locations you want to visit? Likewise, tourists who want to stay with you want to. Know these details and see an exact map with the location.

Online Booking Form

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Indonesia WhatsApp Number

Technology allows us to do many things online and eliminate downtime that would mean. For example, writing an email. An online booking form simplifies the booking process. Giving tourists the opportunity to easily and quickly fill in some data and receive an instant confirmation of the booking made. Price information. Definitely another very important aspect that must appear on the presentation site of an accommodation unit. Do not try to attract customers by hiding the rates, because they will go to the next one that has the prices displayed

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