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Another fun tip courses is a great way to get people Benin Phone Numbers List to sign up for your listing and get involved quickly. Check out CXL’s Enterprise Conversion Optimization course. E-books An ebook is a form of content marketing that is usually always. Closed meaning it requires an email address or purchase to actually download it. When first thinking of e-books, many people shy away, thinking they can’t possibly write an entire book. However, eBooks are not necessarily the actual book length. It can vary from 10 to 200 Benin Phone Numbers List on what your topic is, where you place the book in your sales funnel, and how much time you need to invest in creating it.

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While this type of content obviously takes more time and effort than Benin Phone Numbers List your basic blog post or email newsletter, the rewards are also greater. While blog post visitors can help drive traffic to your website, you don’t actually know who these people are. Offering eBooks as a primary magnet can help increase the number of subscribers on your email list, allowing you to reach more people Benin Phone Numbers List directly. Image Source 4. White Paper White papers are very similar to ebooks, especially in length. Both are long-form content types that take a lot of time to combine correctly so that they are actually useful and valuable to your audience. The main difference is that eBooks tend to be richer in content, while white papers are more focused Benin Phone Numbers List on data-driven information and are very data and analytics intensive.

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Therefore are easier to digest as real Benin Phone Numbers List whitepapers require more attention to fully grasp their concepts. 5. Case studies Case studies are real-world examples of how your company’s work has helped clients or clients succeed. A case study is a great decision-making piece to help potential clients understand why working with you. Is great (social proof goes a long way in fostering trust). Infographics Benin Phone Numbers List Although these are visuals. They are still a form of content marketing due to the depth and research that goes into creating them. This type of visual content presents specific concepts through images, diagrams, graphs, etc. The following is an example of a Lawns tarter.

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