What Would You Do With an Extra Carrots Spread Holiday

What would you do with $100 if you had to spend. It on a stranger? Every christmas, carrot does this. Each employee receives $100 to spread the holiday spirit! This year we captured some of our stories. This is not a complete list. Some of the stories weren’t included in our livinglife chat, but others we’ve all contributed. Great work team! Georgia Phone Number List These are quite amazing, generous and uplifting accounts. “we had been looking for a church for a while that we both benefit from very much. We attended summit view in vancouver last month and a half and are blown away by the people, the message, the worship and all they do for the community. Georgia Phone Number List Last week at church they made a special offering for a few of the charities they support and we donated our $100 to that.

We have learned that can provide enough

We have learned that can provide enough. Resources for a foreign minister to survive for 1 month. So we put our money in there. –alex _”Georgia Phone Number A person I once worked with lost her job a short time ago and has 4 young children. I anonymously sent her the money in a christmas card today. I’m sure she can use it and if it feels good drop it off in the mail! – we’ll keep this one anonymous“ okay, so phase 1 of our $100 donation – we are going to sing to people from our church tonight and we stopped and bought each person a poinsettia for the kids to give to them. Phase 2 – we left our waitress a $50 tip at lunch today. Georgia Phone Number List We completed phase 3 last night – ben really wanted to donate the rest to a homeless woman last night.

We were planning on buying someone dinner

We were planning on buying someone dinner. But he felt like that was pretty much the place to go. She was so surprised and very grateful. I love this motivation for all of us to do a little more each year. Thank you trevor – Georgia Phone Number List band carrot for helping us all do better. –jen _“meg and I decided that this year we wanted to match our $100 from carrot and donate to the homeless in the area. So we prepare backpacks for the homeless. We have a bunch of supplies and we are going to distribute them to the homeless on christmas eve. Socks, blankets, food that is easy to pack and carry, a Georgia Phone Number List book bag, personal care products, kleenex.

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