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Funnel report Image Source Another cool trick Saudi Arabia Phone Number List ideas in your Google Analytics. Assuming you have a site search option (where users can search for content within your site), and assuming you have a site search report set up in Google Analytics (easy to do), you can find some information about your readers Wanted really cool content. First, navigate to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Terms. PM Here, you’ll find a large list of search terms that people used on your site during that time period. You can also find metrics for these terms, such as search exits and time since searches.

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Now, to find trending terms, i.e. content that has been searched for more Saudi Arabia Phone Number List period comparison. Let’s compare the last two months with the previous two months. Use Absolute Changes to sort the data. This will give you the biggest changes in your search data: You will now have a list of keywords that users are searching for on your website, and you will see which trends are rising. Great for finding new content ideas! Screenshot 17 Oct 2018 3.08.54pm As Saudi Arabia Phone Number List is an endless rabbit hole. I highly recommend taking a course or reading a technical blog post about it. Also, just start diving in and playing. Even those who have been using the tool every day for years don’t know what the tool is all about.


Heatmaps and Click Maps Heatmaps are another form of quantitative data. If you want to know where people are moving their mouse, clicking, and scrolling on a blog Saudi Arabia Phone Number List intuitive and intuitive way to discover that information. Perhaps one of the most discreet uses of heatmaps is scrolling depth tracking. You can do quantitative settings in Google Analytics, but it might be easier to simply use a tool like Hodja to print some quick visual maps TECH original Image Source Blogger’s Third Party Data Saudi Arabia Phone Number List of your own website. If you’re a blogger or content marketer, you’re probably already familiar with general SEO practices, such as keyword research.

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