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When people communicate verbally, they China Phone Number usually expect an immediate response. Unlike written letters, verbal communication used to face-to-face, so communication done instantly. Even with the phone, verbal communication remains immediacy. There are two forms of voice. Communication that disrupt China Phone Number this immediacy. Walkie-talkies and instant messaging apps. In these two scenarios, the language of the interlocutors is “mutually exclusive. And there will no overlapping and interruption of voices, so the interlocutors are not placed in a common virtual space. The result is that these two forms of voice communication cannot provide the pleasure and presence. Of face-to-face or telephone communication. And also lack a part of the “dialogue” experience.

In the Same Way, China Phone Number

Voice interaction difficult to regarded. As a dialogue China Phone Number with a machine because of its mutually exclusive characteristics. Therefore, siri-like natural language communication will also lack the sense of presence of dialogue. Question 3: another consequence of the immediacy of verbal. Communication is that people China Phone Number expect the feedback of voice to be voice as well. Verbal communication fast-paced and efficient. While written expression has a certain delay. When a person expresses efficiently in a real-time state, the other party responds with slow text, which will make the communication scene appear incoherent. This is why voice interaction must be accompanied by voice feedback.

Even If You Say China Phone Number

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Call dad” to siri, before it completes China Phone Number the command, it must respond with a sentence: “calling dad.” but the problem is that the technical strength of speech synthesis has not yet met people’s expectations. The blunt, machined voice expression constantly reminds the interlocutor that the interlocutor is “not my race. And the blunt China Phone Number effect of speech synthesis also prevents people from viewing the machine as an individual of the same level of intelligence. You might think of the robot tars from the movie “interstellar. Where the blunt synthetic voice effects meant to accentuate its machine identity. Among the current intelligent voice products, it is more convenient to not pursue the sense of presence of language.

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