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When the ecology develops to Paraguay Phone Number a certain scale. It begins to gradually open up interfaces. Standards and resources to the outside world. The hottest field in 2014 should belong to o2o. Most of the financing of more than 100 million us dollars occurred in this field. We believe that entrepreneurs in this field can consider. The following four trends in 2015: close to daily life. The big opportunities in the food and travel field. In 2014 are food delivery Paraguay Phone Number and taxi-hailing. But in the future, whoever can solve services that are closer to daily life will have a greater chance. Liberation of skilled craftsmen: skilled craftsmen refers. To a single person who can complete the entire service process independently with simple tools. Such as hair and nail art, massage, tutoring, housekeeping, express delivery, home appliance repair, etc.

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Platforms appear in this field. These platforms initially Paraguay Phone Number solved the problem of transaction completion. But there is still room for further digging in transaction efficiency; strengthening infrastructure. One of the current trends in the o2o field is to optimize service processes. Many companies will Paraguay Phone Number build their own teams that are not related. To their core business, such as logistics. This is actually not economical, so we think it is worthy of attention. To be able to provide “infrastructure” and turn it into. A profitable entrepreneurial project through the advantage of scale. High frequency and low frequency: in 2014. Taxi-hailing and take-out can be done because they are high-frequency services.

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In 2015 is that these high-frequency Paraguay Phone Number services will gradually launch. Low-frequency but more profitable services after the traffic and orders are circled; this is a trend of existing o2o changes in 2015. Corporate services: besides o2o, the second major direction of jingwei’s new project investment in 2014 is enterprise services. The big opportunity for enterprise services comes from the rapid increase in labor costs in china. Moreover, the saas model greatly reduces the threshold. For software and trial use, cuts the maintenance cost to zero, and the rental model guarantees. The services of software manufacturers. This is a revolution; for entrepreneurs Paraguay Phone Number rooted in this area. The key to staying competitive lies in whether the core team.

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